A new approach for a changing market

The capital markets and financial landscape have changed significantly since the financial crisis of 2008. Peak Capital Advisors was founded in October 2011 to answer the needs of small and medium sized enterprises who found it increasingly difficult to raise growth capital in this new economy.

Full Service - Advice and Placement

PCA will spend time with the borrower to properly understand the company's strategy, policies and procedures and financing needs. We work with management and where appropriate, the business owners, to determine whether and at what likely cost those financing needs can be met in the current market.

Once we understand the company and have agreed the outline of potential financing, we will help the company structure an offering document. This will include developing a fully developed business plan with supporting cash flow statements, investor presentations, term sheets and where relevant or desired, help with the selection of professional advisors.

Once ready PCA will arrange the targeted distribution of the information to investors PCA believes will be receptive to the story and interested in investing. PCA will follow up with investors to arrange investor road shows and one-on-one meetings with the company's management. PCA will also help management prepare for those meetings to ensure that the company makes the best possible impression.

Investors will generally expect due diligence on a company before investing. This usually involves visits to the company, reviews of procedures and files and meetings with key staff. The due diligence is sometimes carried out by the investors themselves and sometimes by advisers selected to do the work on their behalf. PCA will help the company and its management prepare for the process by reviewing files and procedures in advance, briefing management and staff and highlight areas that need to be strengthened in advance of any visit.

Finally, PCA can help the Company's management with the negotiation of the legal documentation, alongside the Company's legal advisors to ensure that the closing process is completed as painlessly and quickly as possible

Execution Only - Placement

PCA will agree a term sheet with the borrowing company, arrange for distribution of investor materials prepared by the company to investors and organise meetings with interested investors.

Typically PCA discusses the borrower’s capital needs and assesses the likely cost of that capital in the markets. If the levels are satisfactory PCA begins the process but timing is driven by the borrower’s ability to put together information in a manner that will be satisfactory to institutional investors.

This includes:

a) the production of investor friendly presentations that explain the borrower’s business, its place within its industry, its finances (history and projections) and the reasons for, and the amount of, the capital the company is trying to raise. PCA will oversee this stage of presentations, but the work will be produced by the company.

b) PCA will distribute a short synopsis of the information to investors and will organise an investor road show from interest elicited from those investors.

c) PCA will oversee the closing, which will largely be a negotiation between the investor(s) and borrower and their respective lawyers. PCA’s role will be mostly passive but will involve highlighting potential road blocks and advising the company when needed.

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